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科朗吉洛商学院提供满足当代商业环境需求的学位. We nurture the startup spirit, propelling your entrepreneurial visions on a powerful platform with opportunities to help you thrive. Our philosophy is Lopes First, which means that we embrace a student-centric culture with an emphasis on higher purpose, conscious capitalism and academic success.

Servant Leadership. Ethics. Entrepreneurism. These are the pillars that guide our student experience, challenging you to become a values-driven business leader. GCU’s Christian worldview guides our educational approach, 向毕业生灌输必要的职业道德,以使行业和全球社会受益.


科朗吉洛商学院是一所基督教商学院,培养仆人式领导者和基于道德的创新, purpose and stakeholder integration to help communities prosper and flourish.

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Business Degree Programs

With a depth of on-campus and online college business degree options, our strong Christian identity informs the education you receive, preparing you to apply faith-integrated principles within the business arena. GCU offers undergraduate bachelor's degrees and master’s programs with a wide range of emphases. 我们的商学院课程包括可以帮助你在你感兴趣的领域实现个人或职业目标的专业.

Explore our bachelor’s and master’s business degrees to find what is right for you.

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Business Minors

GCU旨在帮助您建立与未来劳动力相关的技能,同时学习仆人式领导和企业家精神的原则. Explore our variety of minor degree options today.

杰里科朗吉洛代表了最好的意思是什么是一个基督教大学从经营业务的立场与坚强的性格, integrity and servant leadership. We want to instill those same characteristics into every one of our students. If an employer gets a Colangelo College of Business graduate, they will know what they are going to get.

Brian Mueller, President and CEO, Grand Canyon University

About Jerry Colangelo

Jerry Colangelo is an influential and caring sports entrepreneur. Colangelo has delivered top athletic teams to Arizona, with more than 50 years of experience in sports business management and franchise ownership, as well as dozens of other business organizations. 

Among his many accomplishments, Colangelo has owned the NBA Phoenix Suns, built two sports facilities, 与亚利桑那响尾蛇队一起赢得了美国职业棒球大联盟世界大赛冠军,并带领美国篮球队在国际比赛中连续四次获得金牌. Colangelo’s achievements in Arizona, professional sports and the study of leadership are remarkable. As a dynamic community leader and committed Christian, his activities transcend the world of sports and serve as an inspiration for future generations.

Jerry Colangelo with business students at GCU

Colangelo Scholarship

GCU’s business college is proud to offer the Colangelo Scholarship. Available to incoming freshmen, 该奖学金旨在表彰那些通过志愿服务和创业精神为他人服务的学生, while meeting ethical and academic standards. For more information and how to apply, visit our scholarships and grants page.

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If you come to GCU's Colangelo College of Business, 你会遇到出色的仆人式领导,在那些也想在职业上推动自己的人中间找到令人耳目一新的友谊.

Avery Bernard, BS in Entrepreneurial Studies, Class of 2023

FAQs for Aspiring Business School Students

If you’re considering becoming a business student at GCU, 阅读下面一些最常见的问题和答案,以获得更多关于获得商业学位的见解.

获得商业学位可以为你提供与商业相关的不同领域的深入知识. Business degree programs often covers many important areas of the business field, such as economics, accounting, finance and management, depending on which degree you enroll in. Gaining knowledge in these areas may be useful when deciding on which career path you wish to follow.

In addition, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, about 911,400 new jobs are estimated to open for business and financial occupations per year from 2022 to 2032.1

大学商学院的入学要求因大学而异. To learn more about how to gain entry into GCU’s business college, 查看我们的入学要求,并填写此页面的表格,与大学辅导员交谈.

Yes. 许多大学在获得本科或研究生商学学位时提供在线模式. GCU offers various online degrees in business at the undergraduate and graduate levels in many different areas of interest, including marketing, finance, accounting, management, economics and many more. To support you as you complete your online degree, GCU also offers various online learning resources.

通过在线学习商业学位,你可以获得与在传统校园学习相同水平的知识. When enrolling in a business degree program, ensure that your university is institutionally accredited. 认证反映了一所大学的教育质量,涵盖了校园和在线利记. 一所大学的认证状态会告诉你,你的大学提供符合既定教育标准的认可课程.

Integration of GCU’s Christian Identity in Curriculum

我们仍然致力于为学生提供以基督教原则为中心的基于圣经的大学教育, known as One Foundation.

科朗吉洛商学院的教师通过个人的信仰经历,将GCU的基督教身份和使命融入到课程中,并将圣经中的课程与课堂上教授的内容联系起来. 服务型领导和职业道德是贯穿整个学生体验的关键概念,以支持人类繁荣并使行业和全球社区受益. In teaching principles of the free markets and conscious capitalism, 科朗吉洛商学院庆祝和促进目标、繁荣和提升人性, as well as using business as ministry.

科朗吉洛商学院的学生可以通过课堂内外的体验直接受益于GCU的使命. Students learn how to operate professionally, morally and ethically to develop personally and professionally and further support the community. The Colangelo College of Business’ guiding pillars focus on servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism. 这些构成了学生有机会成为全面发展和目标明确的领导者的基础,无论他们是在课堂上学习, applying concepts at an internship or running and participating in club activities on campus. Entrepreneurism is creating and capturing value by solving problems for society at scale. As Christians serving society by solving problems, this provides the foundation for any business to contribute to their community and economy.

科朗吉洛商学院强烈鼓励学生和教师在课堂上表达他们的信仰,并在所学行业中架起基督教世界观的桥梁. The goal is to promote the integration of faith, living and work to support our communities.

科朗吉洛商学院通过仆人式领导的视角促进人类繁荣的原则, entrepreneurism and conscious capitalism. Business needs to be used as a force for good and to make an impact beyond profit. This is accomplished through teaching students about free markets firsthand. Through this we integrate all stakeholders, 进一步支持人类的繁荣,并证明我们对最大诫命的服从——爱上帝和爱我们的邻居. However, none of this can occur until profits — or better stated, a surplus or abundance — is created by business. A business that is led and operated better can allow margins for abundance. These can then be reinvested back into the company, its employees, its community and any other stakeholder — that leads to human flourishing.


1 COVID-19对全球经济产生了不利影响,与前几年相比,2020年至2022年的数据可能不典型. Accordingly, data shown is effective September 2023, which can be found here: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Business and Financial Occupations, retrieved on Oct. 26, 2023.

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