College of 工程 和 技术

The College of 工程 和 技术 at Gr和 Canyon University offers an educational experience with relevant STEM program curricula designed to prepare you to pursue a career in the field of technology 和 工程. As one of the growing 工程 universities in Arizona,1 our curriculum changes to adapt to new developments in various technology 和 工程 industries. We teach students to foster traits in collaboration, creativity as well as ethical 和 social awareness to produce graduates who are well-prepared to excel in the workforce.

The school of 工程 和 technology at GCU offers an education that nurtures 和 supports 壹基金, our statement for providing ethical decision-making within our Christ-centered curriculum.

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The College of 工程 和 技术 embraces technological 和 工程 excellence. The College of 工程 和 技术 cultivates a Christ-centered community of support 和 encouragement for our students, faculty 和 staff. Our mission is to ignite the potential within each student, equipping them with the knowledge 和 skills necessary to become innovative 和 entrepreneurial leaders in their respective fields. Committed to transformative learning, our graduates are empowered to make a lasting impact by fostering human flourishing, engaging in intentional service 和 bringing glory to God through their vocations.

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As a leading institution in the field of 工程 和 technology, the College of 工程 和 技术 at GCU remains committed to nurturing innovation, academic excellence 和 practical skills development for aspiring engineers 和 technology professionals.

The College of 工程 和 技术 offers a range of degrees. 探索我们的 information technology programs,包括 网络安全, software development 和 computer science, as well as our 工程 programs,例如 机械 工程. GCU’s many STEM degrees can help to prepare you to position yourself for a future career.

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Academic minors can enhance your knowledge base 和 teach valuable skills to use in your chosen field. Choose a minor that complements your major, or pursue a passion while earning your degree.

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STEM Disciplines at GCU

The individual disciplines of 工程 和 technology at GCU incorporate leadership, curriculum 和 机会 specific to your learning environment. In each discipline, there are advanced laboratories 和 equipment accessible to all students, providing an opportunity for additional education beyond the classroom setting. Students have the opportunity to participate in on-校园 programs that can prepare them for graduate 机会 or research presentations at local 和 national conferences.

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GCU部件是 institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which recognizes quality, integrity 和 continuous improvement in education. GCU remains committed to aligning our programs with the 标准 set forth by the accrediting bodies 和 even exceeding those 标准 to ensure you receive a quality education during your time here.Further, many of GCU’s computer, 工程 和 technology programs meet the 认证 Board for 工程 和 技术 (ABET) 标准.

GCU provides tools 和 resources that can help you underst和 your costs for college. Look through our tuition rates 和 fees, as well as our scholarships 和 grant 机会.


Whether you are an undergrad or graduate-degree seeking student, GCU’s requirements for admission can vary for each program. Learn more about our requirements 和 the steps needed for acceptance into GCU.


Integration of GCU’s Christian Identity in Curriculum

The integration of GCU's commitment to Christian values can be seen in the curriculum 和 adds a unique dimension to education, fostering a faith-integrated approach that encourages ethical reasoning 和 compassionate leadership. This infusion of faith-based principles empowers students to engage with their studies while also cultivating a strong sense of purpose 和 community awareness. GCU explores how these principles can enrich the learning experience 和 help shape our students' personal 和 academic growth.

Through ethical application of skills, content 和 professional decision making, faculty in the College of 工程 和 技术 integrate the Christian worldview into at least 30% of our courses. Foundational skills are introduced in the undergraduate program, while mission critical competencies are built upon as you pursue a graduate program, ensuring our Christian identity 和 mission align with the mission of the university.

Students in GCU’s STEM programs directly benefit from GCU’s mission by modeling ethical thinking 和 decision-making to potentially help the community solve societal problems. This takes place during capstone projects 和 h和s-on service 机会 that align with our mission critical competencies of leadership, global citizenship, communication 和 critical thinking. Students demonstrate their learning both in 和 out of the classroom while becoming global contributors.

College of 工程 和 技术 students experience GCU’s 壹基金 principles by integrating faith into their field of study through meaningful discussions, curriculum that adapts to new developments 和 creating tangible examples. This is demonstrated by fostering a collaboration-focused, inquiry-based learning environment that can prepare students to make creative 和 ethical decisions in their career. STEM students can carry their faith into their vocation.

STEM programs at GCU promote the principles of human flourishing by focusing on servant leadership in relationships 和 projects. This is accomplished through a wide variety of STEM-based programs that apply an ethical entrepreneurial mindset within application to society. These programs are taught by knowledgeable faculty who lead students to use their degree to help society by providing service, acting justly 和 showing compassion toward others.

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