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在人文社会科学学院, we are proud to offer a range of degree 程序s to help you develop skills and knowledge in your area of interest. The 人文社会科学学院 is home to the majority of undergraduate general education coursework at 利记 (GCU) and is committed to helping you advance your ability to think critically, 运用分析结构和清晰地沟通复杂的想法.


GCU的人文与社会科学学院促进研究, 创造力, 伦理的形成与探究贯穿于批判之中, 分析和跨学科研究. Our college’s mission cultivates leaders in various fields of study through critical thinking and applied experience, 将理论基础与实际应用联系起来, 哪些可以让你为当今多样化和不断变化的工作场所做好准备.


Our college of social science degree 程序s offer insight into the many facets of human behavior. Courses in areas such as 心理学和社会学 can help you develop skills related to individual and group motivation that may be valued in the workplace. 我们的利记范围从 在线咨询学位 to 心理学学位 to 人类服务学位 这些专业包括通讯、历史和行为健康科学. 看看GCU提供的各种人文和社会科学学位吧.








GCU’s humanities and social sciences degree 程序s are designed for students who are continuously searching for knowledge and the understanding of the human condition. The 人文社会科学学院 courses teach important skills in innovative thinking, 有效的沟通, 变革的领导力和全球贡献,可以为学生的职业道路做好准备.


在GCU的人文与社会科学学院, 我们的利记在校园内提供, online and/or through evening classes so you can pursue your education on a schedule that fits for you. 不管你选择什么形式, 你将有机会接触到知识渊博的教师, 整个项目的资源和支持.

GCU及其校园和在线课程获得了高等教育委员会(HLC)的认证。. The Master of Science in Addiction 咨询 程序 has also been approved for accreditation through the National Addiction Studies 认证 Commission (NASAC). 看到一个 完整的认证列表,包括GCU的机构认证.

了解GCU L.O.P.E.年代学院 在卡登中心, 一个包容的, 为中度智障人士提供沉浸式基督教大学体验. 这种体验旨在通过提供学术知识来促进独立生活, 社会和工作技能的发展.



你将有机会在你选择的领域培养技能 辅修人文社会科学 还有你的传统学位. The additional humanities and social sciences courses can help you build skill sets that may add even more value to your education.



了解更多关于人文和社会科学学位的信息, 阅读我们对这些常见问题的回答.

The courses and degree 程序s that fall under the 人文社会科学学院 are varied and copious. 包括历史, 英语, 外语, 哲学, 艺术, 心理学, 社会学, 经济学, 司法研究, 法律研究和政治学.

一些人文和社会科学学位确实需要数学课程, 比如数学学士学位和硕士学位. 然而, while the majority of degrees in GCU’s 人文社会科学学院 do not require math, 许多人有统计学课程, 研究和数据分析.

The fields that fall under humanities and social sciences are diverse and the wages vary greatly by occupation. 然而,根据美国的报告.S. 劳工统计局(BLS), 生活, 物理和社会科学职业的平均年薪为74美元,截至2022年5月.1 劳工统计局还列出了政治科学家的名单, 经济学家, 社会学家, geographers and psychologists as a few of the social science occupations with the highest median pay in 2021.2

八门主要的社会科学是人类学, 经济学, 地理位置, 历史, 语言学, 政治科学, 心理学和社会学.

人文学科的五个共同领域是哲学, 语言/沟通, 美术及表演艺术, 文学与传媒.


The curriculum in the humanities and social science degree 程序s help facilitate in-depth discussions that can help you sharpen your focus and teamwork skills. GCU的One Foundation, 我们的基督教世界观, 支持仆人式领导精神和道德决策能力的发展, 所以你有机会成为一个平衡者, 全球贡献者.

在人文社会科学学院, we make a strong connection between many disciplines’ professional code of ethics and Christian ethics. In our math courses there are opportunities to directly apply Christian principles to various assignments. 例如, 在MAT-144中,学生运用数学能力来设计和实施一个宣教之旅.

Another way our faculty engage around GCU’s Christian worldview is by posting scriptures and asking students to reflect and write about how it relates to them. 一些教师还在上课开始时播放基督教音乐,并带领学生祈祷.

GCU’s mission provides a foundation for students’ formation and development in both their general education classes and in their degree 程序 classes through the 人文社会科学学院.

Learners contribute to our mission statement through the learning process and their action-oriented experiences such as volunteering, 员工发展, 学生工作者职位, 一些实习课程, 实习, 俱乐部参与, 学生领导机会, 参加网络研讨会和会议, 服务学习和学生研究.

Students at the 人文社会科学学院 contribute to GCU's mission through community opportunities, such as Changing Lives Outreach Program where they support individuals and groups through a caring approach to human flourishing with hands-on service. 学生也可以在L.O.P.E.S. 学院由学术支持, social and workforce skill development of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

在人文社会科学学院, 学生们接触到社会上各种各样的需求, 比如不公正, 苦难和贫穷. 在他们的学习过程中, 他们被教导帮助自己和他人发挥潜力的知识和技能. Our faculty in the behavioral health degree 程序s teach the necessary elements of wellness to future counselors and social service professionals which can lead to healing among countless individuals. 我们认为治疗是人类实现其潜力的必要步骤.


1 参考的收益是由美国银行报告的.S. 劳工统计局(BLS), 生命、物理和社会科学职业 截至2022年5月,于2023年5月5日检索. 由于2019冠状病毒病,与前几年相比,2020年和2021年的数据可能不典型. 大流行还可能影响劳工统计局预测的未来劳动力产出. BLS calculates the median using salaries of workers from across the country with varying levels of education and experience and does not reflect the earnings of GCU graduates in 生活, 物理和社会科学类职业. 它并不反映一个城市或地区工人的收入. 它也不能反映典型的入门级工资. 收入中位数是特定职业的工资范围的统计中点. It represents what you would earn if you were paid more money than half the workers in an occupation, 不到一半的工人从事一项职业. 这可能会给你一个基础来估计如果你进入这个行业,你在某个时候可能会赚多少钱. 如果你考虑的职业道路不止一条,你也可以比较一下工资的中位数. 利记 can make no guarantees on individual graduates’ salaries as the employer the graduate chooses to apply to, 并接受来自, 决定薪水不仅仅取决于教育程度, but also individual characteristics and skills and fit to that organization (among other categories) against a pool of candidates.

2 检索自U.S. 劳工统计局, 生命、物理和社会科学职业 2022年8月