Welcome to the 自然科学学院 at 利记 — a vibrant community of learners, 创新者和问题解决者. As scientists engaged in teaching and discovery within an intentionally Christian institution, we strive to provide ample opportunities for our students to integrate faith across all aspects of science.

你是否渴望治愈病人, 探索生活的复杂性, 或者解决紧迫的全球挑战, the 自然科学学院 programs at GCU can be your gateway to possibilities to make a difference in the world. 加入一个支持和知识渊博的教师社区, 和你一样热爱科学的学生和校友.

我们的教育也培育和支持 壹基金, our statement for providing ethical decision-making within our Christ-centered natural science curriculum.

自然科学学院是一个致力于支持的学术团体, engaging and empowering each student with the knowledge and skills to be innovative, 具有创业精神和影响力的领导者. 通过整合科学发现和以基督为中心的文化, 我们为所有学生提供改变世界的机会, 促进人类繁荣昌盛, 并通过服务他人来荣耀神.




准备挑战你的智力吧, expand your horizons and contribute to the ever-evolving field of natural sciences by exploring the wonders of the physical universe, 生命的复杂过程和自然世界的奥秘. 探索, discovery and innovation are the cornerstones of your experience in the 自然科学学院 at GCU.

Whether your plans include furthering your education or seeking a job after your undergraduate degree, GCU has the programs and resources available that can lead you toward a career path in a variety of areas, 如:

  • 生物科学
  • 生物学/ pre-health
  • 化学
  • 环境科学
  • 运动科学
  • 法医科学
  • 分子与细胞生物学
  • 营养


培养好奇心,批判性思维,并通过探索我们的世界来提高你的专业知识 学术辅修课程. Natural science minors programs can provide a distinct edge in your desired field. Choose a minor that complements your major or pursue a personal passion alongside your degree.


The 自然科学学院 comprises a wide array of individual disciplines, 每一个都有助于科学知识和理解的进步. 根据您的个人兴趣和职业抱负量身定制, 我们学院提供的具体学科包括:

  • 解剖学
  • 生物化学
  • 生物学
  • 化学
  • 生态
  • 环境科学
  • 运动科学
  • 遗传学
  • 微生物学
  • 神经科学
  • 营养
  • 物理
  • 生理学

几乎在每一个学科中, you can utilize laboratories and specialized equipment to enhance your educational experience beyond the confines of the classroom. Many college students choose to participate in on-campus programs to prepare for graduate opportunities and present their research at conferences enabling them to showcase their research findings on both local and national levels. 了解更多关于发现的机会, 研究并对我们周围的世界产生积极的影响.



The education you receive from the 自然科学学院 is held to the highest standards of quality and excellence. GCU部件的认证 with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering a rigorous and up-to-date curriculum, 知识渊博的教师和全面的学生支持服务.


We understand that financial considerations play a crucial role in your decision-making process, and our commitment to transparency ensures that you have the information you need to make informed choices. GCU provides you with tools and resources that can help you understand your costs for college. 浏览我们的 学费和杂费,以及我们的 奖学金和助学金机会.

Our commitment to providing tailored educational experiences means that the admission requirements for each program may reflect the specific demands of that field of study. Whether you’re intrigued by our undergraduate offerings or pursuing an advanced in-person or online science program, 访问我们的 招生及要求 页面以全面了解入学的先决条件.

通过获得蒂芙尼D的资格,解锁您在自然科学方面的潜力. 米尔曼杰出化学和基督徒女性奖学金.



自然科学学院的教员 have integrated the Christian worldview into many of the courses within each science major. Instructors frequently present how scripture ties into the daily topics or use Christian tenets as a foundation for discussion and examination in the classroom and in assignments.

GCU部件的 基本任务 is to serve, and in doing so, to spread the Word and the good works for which it provides. Students in the 自然科学学院 programs have abundant opportunity to provide service to the larger community and to become leaders. Students might find themselves at ease collaborating within peer groups comprising of individuals from a wide array of diverse backgrounds. 在每个科学专业中, 重点放在沟通上, 认识到它在各种科学专业中至关重要. However, most significance lies in the bedrock of scientific thought: critical thinking. 这涉及到从不同角度深入研究概念, 培养创新思想, 并最终贡献最大的社会价值.

The 自然科学学院 embraces the goal of aiding each student in the development of their own model of integration of faith and science. 同时也不限制科学基础的教学, our faculty are adept at providing examples of integration that allow students to be fully comfortable as both scientists and Christians. 当彻底探索上帝的创造时, students may find that their faith can be strengthened by both the material and the examples set by our knowledgeable faculty.

Each of the in-person and online natural science degree programs can prepare students for careers of service. 无论你的目标是照顾病人, 维持或改善健康状况和性能, 为正义, protect and repair the environment or develop new understandings of the world around us, 每一个理科生都在促进人类繁荣的轨道上.