Mastering the fundamentals of effective communication can help prepare you for any professional career. The range of language and communications degrees offered at 利记 teach key theories and principles of communication so graduates can be proficient in the following domains:

  • 解决冲突
  • 谈判
  • 商业和市场营销的战略沟通
  • 创意和技术写作
  • 外语


New job openings projected each year, on average, for interpreters and translators from 2022 to 20321


Estimated new job openings each year for writers and authors from 2022 to 20322



根据美国.美国劳工统计局, 15,从2022年到2032年,预计将为作家和作家提供500个新工作岗位.2



在GCU部件, we understand the importance of global partnerships and effective cross-cultural communication. 你的愿望是否包括学习一门外语, 比如西班牙语, 成为一名专业口译员, teaching English as a second language (ESL) or even leading a multinational company, you have the opportunity to develop many of the core competencies you will need by enrolling in one of GCU’s foreign language degree programs.



The various types of language degrees offered at GCU have one main commonality: they offer a diverse and culturally enriched curriculum focused on global awareness, 的角度来看, 道德与领导.

学习GCU的最佳沟通实践知识 通信专业本科学历. If you love writing and want to enhance your skills in creating effective and persuasive messaging, 考虑到 专业写作学士学位.

For those of you who are seeking to position yourself for potential advancement in your career field, GCU提供 TESOL专业硕士学位 as well as graduate degrees in communication, business administration and leadership.


GCU提供ccredited campus and online language degrees at undergraduate as well as graduate levels. 当你成为GCU的学生, you can be sure that you’re receiving a quality education led by professors who are knowledgeable in their respective fields. GCU is proud to be institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1968.


GCU’s language and communications degrees offer scheduling flexibility so that even busy professionals can pursue higher education at their own convenience. 大多数本科水平的语言学位都是在校园内提供的, 在网上和晚上, 所以你可以选择最适合自己的方式.

对于那些想读研究生的人, GCU’s online language degrees enable working professionals to pursue their education goals while balancing other responsibilities. If you prefer to attend classes on campus — but also require flexibility in your class schedule — consider GCU’s on-campus evening communications degrees.


一个学生在她面前用电脑做Lopes Up

当你在GCU攻读通信或语言学位时, you can be assured of our commitment to providing high-achieving students with access to affordable private education.

资助你的教育是对你未来的一项重大投资, and we are here to help you plan for it with these convenient cost-estimating tools and resources:


GCU offers bachelor’s and master’s-level communications degrees as well as certificate programs for those looking to enhance their skills in specific fields or subjects. 看看GCU提供的语言课程.











语言学位是多种多样的, 这取决于你的职业目标, can be beneficial as either a primary degree or as a complementary minor or dual degree. 如果你的激情涉及专业写作, 新闻, 市场营销, 商业领导或外语, GCU是来帮你找到自己的声音的.

研究生s of language and communications degree programs can be prepared for a variety of career fields, 包括:

  • 业务
  • 广告
  • 公共关系
  • 新闻
  • 政府
  • 教育


We encourage you to learn more about communications and language degrees and find the program that works best for you. 从阅读我们对这些常见问题的回答开始吧.

语言学位可以带你进入许多不同的领域, so it is important to understand your career goals before choosing the best degree for you. If you want to teach English to non-native speakers, consider a degree in TESOL. If you are interested in being a professional translator, look at foreign language degrees. 如果你想在商业环境中展示你的专业敏锐度, 探索不同重点的通信学位.

The majority of language degrees and communications degrees at GCU are available as online programs for your convenience. 作为GCU的一名在线学生, you can be sure that you are receiving a quality education that is institutionally accredited by, 并且符合, 高等教育委员会(HLC)的严格标准.

根据通用翻译服务公司, 西班牙语, 在美国,普通话和德语是最受欢迎的语言.S. 翻译招聘广告. They cite immigration and business technology communication as primary reasons for these specific languages.3

对于那些考虑攻读外语学位的人来说,西班牙语是一个很好的选择, 你准备得越多, 就越容易. 如果你不是在说西班牙语的家庭长大, you should start taking 西班牙语 classes as early as possible before pursuing a 西班牙语 degree. Earning a BA in 西班牙语 requires a lot of reading, vocabulary exercises and memorization. 你还需要用西班牙语写作和进行流利的对话, 所以尽可能多地接触这门语言是很重要的.

Master’s in communications degrees are suitable for those seeking leadership positions, 尤其是在商业领域. 如果你想从事教育工作,那就努力学习 传播学硕士,以教育为重点 能帮助你为大学教学做准备吗.

TESOL学位可以为毕业生从事公共事业做好准备, 私立和特许学校. 这取决于你的资历和经验, 你也许可以申请教书的工作, 教育咨询和项目协调.

Communications degrees teach foundational writing and language skills that can serve teachers well in their careers. 成为一名拥有传播学学位的教师, you will also need to acquire appropriate licensure and meet the academic requirements of the state you are working in.

语言学位可以为不同领域的许多职业打开大门. The fields that benefit from strong language and communication competencies include business, 广告, 公共关系, 新闻, 政府, 教育和保健.


如果寻求执照或认证, applicants to the program are responsible for contacting their state department of education for licensure requirements and program approval. 此外,指纹和背景清除是必需的.

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利记's online and evening programs offer the flexibility you need, 提供优质的教育,帮助你在当今复杂的世界.