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Financing your education is one of the most critical components you need to consider as you start your educational journey here at Grand Canyon University. It is important for you to know the cost of your education and understand your financial responsibilities. GCU努力保持学费的竞争力,以便私立学校, 所有学生都可以接受基督教教育.

GCU offers you three convenient learning options: a traditional campus environment, 夜校和在线利记. GCU also offers a variety of scholarship options for all students to reduce the cost of furthering your education if certain criteria are met. In addition, we offer members of the military reduced tuition amounts for online programs.


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Cost of Attendance





GCU On-Campus Tuition and Costs

Grand Canyon University's annual tuition rate is $16,500 for in-state and out-of-state students.1 在学校奖学金的帮助下, 在校学生平均只支付了9美元,200 in annual tuition, 将许多学生的学费降低了近一半.2 GCU has not increased campus tuition since 2009 as part of our commitment to providing affordable education.1

上大学的费用可能超出学费, encompassing various direct payments to the institution and additional indirect expenses. GCU提供全面的出勤费, aggregating estimated expenses students may encounter during an academic year (fall/spring) for each program of study. Explore our Cost of Attendance page for detailed insights.


Tuition and Financing FAQs

Read through our list below of frequently asked questions about GCU’s tuition and financing to find the answers you need.

贷款是根据你的年级水平发放的,必须偿还. 以保持获得联邦资助的资格, you cannot be out of attendance for a period greater than 14 days or drop below half-time status. Grants typically do not have to be repaid and typically do not have to be repaid unless the requirements of the grant are not followed.

GCU致力于为所有人提供负担得起的教育. 我们州内和州外学生的学费是16,500美元.1 Our pledge to affordable education can be seen in our decision to not increase campus tuition rates since 2009.1 Other costs that may affect your final total include book fees, room and board and class fees. GCU offers various scholarships for on-campus and online students – which may help your costs become even more affordable. 查找有关您的估计的详细信息 cost of attendance, as well as any scholarships you may qualify for.

GCU在线课程的学费取决于你的学习项目. For undergraduate, graduate and doctoral online programs, tuition rates vary per credit. For each degree level, there is a reduced tuition rate for active duty and active reserve military members. 要了解您的课程可能需要多少费用,请阅读我们的 在线学费和晚间学费 list for more information.

是的,GCU接受所有被录取学生的FAFSA信息. Visit our FAFSA page to find information that can help you understand the details of the FAFSA application process, 所需的文件和验证过程.

Tuition for GCU’s RN to BSN program在网上和晚上上课,每学分340美元.3 还有120美元的课程材料费,其中包括模拟内容, multimedia content and eBooks, amongst other supplies.4 Visit our Cost of Attendance page 或者使用我们的成本估算工具来了解您的成本.


GCU is pleased to offer several tools to help you estimate the cost of attendance. The Net Price Calculator is a standard template required by the Department of Education that does not provide specific program information, scholarship, discount or other funding options that may decrease your total out-of-pocket costs.

To estimate the cost to attend GCU as an online or evening student, please use our Degree Program Calculator.

If you are interested in attending GCU as a traditional campus student and would like to know more about institutional scholarships you may qualify for, please use our Campus Scholarship Estimator.

Speak with a university counselor for guidance on enrollment and tuition fees as well as the Cost of Attendance 这是在授予联邦援助时使用的. 奖学金和助学金可以降低总体成本. GCU also provides cost estimator tools, located above, to help gauge potential expenses. For additional help call 855-GCU-LOPE.

Other Financial Resources

作为一名学生,您可以使用学生门户网站在线付款. 为了帮助导航在线支付过程,请查看我们的分步指南.

Annually, the IRS requires educational institutions to complete Form 1098-T for any students that have made payments for qualified tuition and related expenses and/or have scholarships and grants posted to their student account. The information contained on form 1098-T is delivered to both the student and the IRS no later than Jan. 31,为上一年度的活动. The information contained on the 1098-T can be used when completing your tax return.

GCU无法提供税务建议. If you have any questions, you should seek the counsel of an informed tax preparer or adviser.


Each spring, colleges around the country send prospective students a financial estimate to show them what it will cost to attend their institution. 虽然内容可能看起来势不可挡, 我们将与您合作,以便您能够充分了解您的财务估算.

消费者信息可以帮助您随时了解GCU. Learn more about institutional information at GCU including safety and security reports, 版权政策和第九条信息.

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Reduced Rates

High School Dual Enrollment

If you are a high school student, dual enrollment courses allow you the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

  • 双招生课程为四学分
  • $210 per course ($52.50 per credit)
  • 每门课程的数字教材费用为105美元
  • 可能需要支付额外的教科书费用
  • 学生在高中就读期间没有资格获得联邦学生援助




如果你目前在军队服役, GCU offers a special military rate per credit hour to you and your eligible spouse for online and evening programs. GCU also offers a special online and evening program scholarship to all veterans and their spouses, and employees of the DOD, DPHS and NOAA. GCU是黄丝带计划的骄傲参与者.

1 2022-23 academic year

2 扣除奖学金后的平均学费约为9200美元. Scholarships may be awarded based on sixth semester transcripts (high school transcripts submitted after Junior year of high school). 当收到最终正式成绩单时, GCU reserves the right to rescind or modify the scholarship if it is determined that eligibility was not achieved. GCU保留以任何理由更改或拒绝奖学金的权利. If a student does not meet the minimum renewal criteria, their scholarship will be forfeited. 价格基于2022-2023年的费率,可能会有变化.

3 不能与其他GCU奖学金或奖项同时使用.

4 NRS前缀课程和HLT-362V课程按课程收费

The appearance of U.S Department of Defense (DOD) or Military-themed visual information does not imply or constitute DOD endorsement.

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