Choosing what to study and where to spend your college years isn't easy. 你想要找到合适的学位项目, 加入合适的俱乐部, the right dorm to live in — all in an environment that you can call your own. College is an experience that can prepare you for the rest of life. If you've made it here, now ask, what makes GCU stand apart from the rest?

We know you have questions, and we want to help you find the answers.


Percentage of 2022 traditional campus graduates who spent less than three years at GCU to complete their degrees.


GCU ranked #24 best college campus in America (利基市场.com, 2024)!1


$1.投资70亿美元 新的基础设施和技术!


GCU is ranked as the #1 college campus in Arizona (利基市场.com, 2024)!1


Students received over $300 million in scholarships in 2022!2


不管你的更高的学习目标是什么, you will have the opportunity to receive a private, liberal arts education from an affordable, 基督教大学. 了解更多,请阅读我们的 大学的使命, take a。 虚拟之旅 of our beautiful campus, learn about the Lope 学生的经验 读一篇 我们总统的讲话.



I was a little nervous about transitioning to college, 但自从我进了GCU, I've surrounded myself with amazing people who have made it feel like home. 这和我去过的任何地方都不一样. 每个人都是那么善良,关心和爱.

美女Rakestraw, Bachelor of Science in 业务 Management, Class of 2024




GCU has seen incredible campus growth over the last 15 years and has experienced a nearly $1.7 billion expansion of the campus through new technologies, 教室, 实验室, athletic facilities and student amenities. GCU also continues our commitment to improve the surrounding community and provide continued growth and career opportunities for many graduates, 学生和当地居民.




GCU's campus is located in the heart of Phoenix and includes a growing and diverse body of students from all backgrounds. You can find exciting clubs and organizations to join, modern amenities in safe and secure residence halls, 教室 and academic buildings and a vibrant athletic community that includes the renowned Havocs student section.




GCU Student Prays Underneath Palm Tree on 校园


Rooted in the Christian Faith and Biblical values, GCU是建立在道德基础之上的, missional work and integrating the Christian worldview in all areas of academics and campus life. GCU is committed to enriching the lives of campus students by providing them opportunities for spiritual growth through study groups and outreach programs across the community and the world.

在线 students also receive Christ-focused curriculum that uniquely integrates GCU’s 壹基金 ideals to allow you the opportunity to find your purpose and contribute to human flourishing.


I wasn't expecting the friendly community at GCU. 人们都很好. 每个人都很开放. GCU has a warmth and they're a community of faith.

爱马仕最小的, Bachelor of Science in Software Development, Class of 2021



GCU is proud to serve active military service members, veterans and their families. We know the sacrifice you have made to your family and country, and GCU seeks to return the favor by providing a valuable and flexible degree program for your educational journey.


GCU 军事 Student Smiles in Line with Other 军事 Members


印第安人 College Student Smiles at GCU


Part of GCU's mission is to prepare students to become global contributors. 坚持这一使命, we welcome and encourage diverse cultures and unique perspectives in all our 教室. 对于印第安人社区来说, GCU provides specialized development counselors who are dedicated to helping our 印第安人 students with their higher education goals. Learn about our degree programs and resources for 印第安人 and international students.



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2 在线 scholarships awarded from January 2022 to October 2022.

学生在校园里写着“Lopes Up”的标语