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In Fall 2021, about 30% of college students in the United States took classes exclusively online, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.1

Grand Canyon University’s online learning experience offers the flexibility you need in your degree program to obtain a quality education and help you in today's complex business world. GCU has been institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1968. This accreditation covers GCU’s traditional and online courses, providing a foundation of trust for quality education in both modalities. We also create opportunities to develop and reward the broader educational community through educational alliances.

Benefits of GCU Online Degree Programs

As an online student at GCU, you can expect:

GCU offers a competitive, affordable online tuition rate to encourage higher learning. To view our tuition rates for online courses, visit our tuition page.

Benefit from experienced full-time faculty members and adjunct instructors committed to your individual growth. In addition to learning from knowledgeable faculty, GCU is institutionally accredited by the HLC.

GCU online students don’t have to miss out on the community that comes with a traditional campus degree. Our Learning Management System, GCU’s online classroom, is designed to foster communication, collaboration and connectivity through discussion forums and projects. These forums provide opportunities for you to network with your peers or chat one-on-one with your professor for any additional help you may need.

Online courses offer flexibility and convenience for working professionals and students with busy schedules. Choose from GCU’s online degree programs in education, business, liberal arts, nursing and health sciences to earn your bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree online.

Online students have access to web-enhanced learning tools through our Learning Management System, including eBooks, forums and helpful calendar reminders. As an online student, you also have access to technical support and student services counselors who will guide you throughout your time at GCU. These resources are available to give you the needed assistance to help you on your degree path.

GCU is committed to helping you find the academic guidance to complete your degree. In addition to the online resources at your fingertips, such as the Student Success Center, library and technical support, GCU also offers online tutoring for new undergraduate students.


GCU Online Scholarship Opportunities

Learn how you can make your education at GCU even more affordable by applying for the scholarships for online college students. We announce new scholarship opportunities on a regular basis as part of our commitment to ensure a valuable education is accessible to all. In 2022, GCU’s online students received nearly $130 million in scholarships.2


Online Learning Experience FAQs

GCU’s online tuition rates include affordable options for earning your bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree. Our competitive rates help students to focus on their online education by reducing the financial obligations that often accompany on-campus degree programs.

GCU offers a large selection of bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and certificate programs online in a variety of subject areas. To view GCU’s online degree programs and find the one that fits your goals, view our Online Degrees page.

To be best prepared for all assignments, discussions and tests, the following are the minimum technical requirements for GCU’s online degree programs:

  • Desktop or laptop
    • Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.9
  • Internet connection
    • Cable broadband or DSL
  • Internet browser
    • Internet Explorer 11 or greater, Microsoft Edge 13 or greater, Mozilla Firefox 43 or greater, Google Chrome 48 or greater, Apple Safari 9 or greater
  • Microsoft Office 2008 and Adobe Acrobat 10 or newer

Certain online courses may require additional software. Find detailed software information about your GCU online degree program in our University Policy Handbook. Visit for more information about the technical requirements.


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$130 million

GCU’s online students received nearly $130 million in scholarships in 20222

Our online degree programs are designed to provide the skills and credentials needed to advance your career. Find a degree that aligns with your career goals.

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1 National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). (2022, December). Number and percentage of students enrolled in degree-granting postsecondary institutions, by distance education participation, location of student, level of enrollment, and control and level of institution: Fall 2020 and fall 2021. Retrieved on Sept. 28, 2023.

2 Online scholarships awarded from January 2022 to October 2022.

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