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Many of the degrees offered by Grand Canyon University are available in hybrid or blended learning formats to help you achieve your educational goals while meeting your lifestyle needs. Whether you are looking to earn your degree in business, education, counseling, nursing or healthcare, GCU offers a variety of options for helping you pursue your education and position yourself for possible career advancement.

Hybrid Learning vs. Blended Learning Formats

Blended and hybrid learning are similar in essence. Both formats are designed to help create a learning environment that benefits working professionals and those with a demanding schedule. However, there are distinctions between these two learning formats:

Hybrid Learning

Online aspects are meant to replace in-person class time.

Blended Learning

Online aspects are not meant to replace in-person class time, only to supplement.

If you are interested in taking both online courses and in-person evening classes to earn your degree, GCU is pleased to offer some flexibility. To learn more about hybrid college classes and blended learning courses, complete the form on this page to connect with a university counselor about your options.

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Benefits of Hybrid Courses in College

Hybrid college classes can balance the benefits of both online and in-person learning. A few of these benefits include:

  • Face-to-face interaction with faculty and peers
  • Access to campus facilities and resources
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Accessible learning

Advantages of Blended Learning Courses

Blended learning provides the opportunity to supplement in-person classroom instruction with online content. Here are a few benefits of these courses:

  • They can accommodate different learning styles
  • They allow learners to control their pace of learning
  • Multiple learning methods can help reinforce engagement, learning and retention
  • They can help instructors use classroom time more efficiently
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Explore More Learning Formats

If you wish to earn your degree through online classes only, explore the online learning options and resources offered at GCU. Or, you can take the majority of your courses through in-person evening classes.

FAQs for Hybrid Learning vs. Blended Learning Courses

To help you further, we have answered commonly asked questions about hybrid learning and blended learning courses.

Hybrid college classes combine the flexibility and convenience of online learning with the social and networking interaction offered through in-person classroom learning. While the hybrid classes are designed for working professionals or individuals with busy schedules, they may not be for everyone. For some learners, fully online or fully in-person programs will be better than hybrid programs. Consider your educational goals, learning style and availability before enrolling in hybrid courses.

When considering hybrid learning vs. blended learning courses, it may come down to what is offered for your chosen degree program. Keep in mind that hybrid classes provide both online and classroom learning, while blended learning classes are all in-person with supplemental online components to help enhance what you’ve learned in class.

The blended learning courses at GCU are offered as in-person evening classes and scheduled one night per week. Students take one course at a time and are provided with additional online materials to help complement what is learned in the classroom.

Blended learning can be effective for those who require flexibility in order to pursue higher education. Blended learning courses offer the benefits of in-person learning, such as social interaction and face-to-face time with instructors, as well as additional online learning resources so you can study at your own pace outside of class.

Hybrid college classes are offered on campus in the evenings after working hours. They are scheduled one night per week to allow you to balance class with your work commitments and online learning schedule. The online courses are taught through an interactive platform where you can chat with your professor and connect with your peers.

Blended learning activities can help students stay engaged with their peers and in what they’re learning during and in between class time. Some activities can include ice breaker questions or brainteasers to connect students and get ideas flowing. Concept mapping can help small groups work together to review for a test or plan an assignment. Video reflections allow student to record themselves giving a presentation and then analyze their performance. Case studies can be a collaborative way for students to take a closer look at issues and demonstrate practical applications of the content. Classroom debates give students the opportunity to state their positions, compose their arguments and reach conclusions while listening to a variety of viewpoints from their peers.

Interested in taking both online courses and in-person evening classes to earn your degree in Phoenix? Contact us today to learn about your options with GCU.

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